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Just as I was finishing graduate school with a master’s in corporate communication with an emphasis in marketing, I was also launching a new business.  I was struggling, I couldn’t understand why I wasn’t booking clients, I felt uncomfortable selling, and I couldn’t figure out why some areas of business felt effortless and other areas insurmountable.  Then I was introduced to a communication assessment that totally changed my personal life and my business. Within a few months I had built my business as a solopreneur to $10,000 plus monthly sales, and over a 12 month time period I booked every single client that I met with.  It felt effortless.  Why?

  • I knew myself and how to connect who I am with what I do
  • I knew how to actively listen and answer the question behind the questions that my potential clients were asking
  • …and I knew how to bridge the gap between the two with authentic communication

You can’t afford to blend in.  Think about the most successful businesses in your field, what drew you to them?  Why do people spend money with them and return again and again?  Many new and struggling entrepreneurs focus on selling just what they do.  Sometimes that works.  Most of the time that results in needing to compete with dozens to hundreds or even thousands of people that do exactly the same thing and attracting clients that are just looking for the cheapest option.  I’ve been there and done that and won’t ever go back!

So… are you ready to transform your world of communication and business?  You will feel confident and clear in understanding your communication style and how to make it work for you, how to respond to inner distress, how to adjust your communication to perfectly match your client’s needs…and that’s just getting started!

We’ll follow a plan (with me there always is a plan!) but that plan will adjust to your specific needs and goals.  Are you wanting to hone in on writing sales copy to make yourself irresistible to your ideal client?  Is your goal to be able to gain confidence in knowing what to say and how to say it in discovery calls and meetings with potential clients?  Do you work in a stressful field where knowing how to bring your client out of distress is important in a win/win scenario?  Or maybe your focus is making your team function to its highest capability with clear and effective communication?

Sometimes you get caught dreaming big and getting so busy that you know you are leaving important things behind.  You know your strengths but sometimes you’re not exactly sure how to handle the not-so-strong parts.  Coaching helps you to figure out what you’re missing, help you make a plan, and then hold you accountable as you apply it.  And then we throw a party, drink more coffee, and CELEBRATE!

No fighting traffic or waiting in lines – calls are scheduled around your ideal time of day or day of the week.

Coaching is for the strategic entrepreneur who is ready to make confident decisions and stop spinning their wheels.  It’s time to take your biz to the next level!  Contact me and let me know what your challenges and goals are and I’ll get back to you with a package that is uniquely tailored to your needs.

Webinars and Group Seminars


Grab a fresh cup of coffee and your favorite notebook and pen and join me from the comfort of your own home or office!  Dates and topics will be announced via the newsletter and Facebook Group!

Group Seminars

Interested in hosting an in person group seminar, a workshop for your team, retreat, or networking group?  Need a speaker for your event or someone to interview for your podcast or blog? Contact me!  I am located in the greater Nashville area and available to travel or Skype events!


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