Passionate about strategic communication, entrepreneurship, and creativity.
Powered by laughter, spreadsheets, and strong coffee!

I spend my days working with brilliant creatives, drinking coffee, and creating courses and resources for entrepreneurs.

My official bio would mention that I have a Master’s Degree in Corporate Communication and Marketing and various certifications with all the fancy letters after my name but what should matter to you is that I’m just like you.  I have entrepreneurial dreams and I’m going after them. I believe that I was made to change my space in the world.


Some days I am full of confidence, some days I do it afraid.  But I do it.  And so do you.

I started dreaming about starting my own businesses at age 9 and my mom still has the original graph paper where I wrote my first business plan.  My first successful business at age 12 I made $20 an hour.  Since then I’ve built multiple creative businesses from the ground up from being a professional wedding photographer to graphics and web design, a branding and marketing company, and communication coaching.

But what I’m most proud of is not that I can build a business from scratch to 5 figures a month, but that I can do that committed to being authentically me in the process.

I’m committed to practicing self care and still enjoying life instead being so burnt out from working on my business that I have nothing left to work in it.  (Show of hands for who knows exactly what I’m talking about?!)  No pushy sales techniques, false scarcity, trying to be something I’m not to sell something I wouldn’t buy myself – I’ve learned how to discover who I am and bring that to every part of my business and I can teach you to do the same.


 A little more about me, I’m a working:

  • Business owner of 25 years
  • Coach
  • Chief Brand Strategist at the helm of Taproot Collective
  • Graphic Designer
  • Passionate Educator
  • Writer
  • Certified Life Languages Trainer
  • Professional Photographer
  • B.S. in Liberal Studies and M.A. in Corporate Communications with a Marketing Emphasis
  • Based in Franklin, Tennessee, just outside of Nashville

On the more personal side, I’m a:

  • Lover of all things creative
  • Wife to an incredible man of 13 years
  • Mom to an adorable 4 year old and partying late nights with a newborn!
  • Life-long learner
  • Avid book reader
  • Whole food foodie
  • Lover of early mornings
  • Extroverted Introvert
  • Barre workout enthusiast…err…addict
  • Strongly believe that the best days begin with coffee and end with wine
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