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People become powerfully authentic by discovering and embracing who they truly are.  They bring that knowledge to every area of their life from understanding themselves to interpersonal and business relationships.

Using a powerful communication profile I help individuals and entrepreneurs discover their unique strengths so that they can be empowered to effortlessly communicate and build powerful relationships with everyone they come in contact with from friends and family to teams, employees, clients, and prospects.

Ready to take the Profile? Get started for only $45!

Becoming a powerful person is about discovering and embracing who you truly are and bringing that to every area of your life beginning in your communication and understanding of yourself and your strengths and weaknesses.  The beauty of powerful people is that they create the space for those around them to do the same.  In our culture we are surrounded by airbrushed bodies and carefully curated social media statuses.  We hide behind ‘perfect’ instead of ‘authentic’.  My goal through an incredibly powerful communication profile, training, and coaching, is to help people discover and celebrate who they authentically are.

You are a passionate, heart centered and growth minded business owner ready to impact your sphere of influence to the fullest extent of your ability. You realize that working smart is just as important as working hard. Regardless of whether you are a one person show or manage a team, you know that effective communication and truly understanding yourself, your team, and your clients is the bottom line to growing a thriving business.

I’m just like you.


Stop.  Take a deep breath.  Embrace who you authentically are.  The most successful people are those that connect who they are with what they do.  Potential clients are so drawn to who you are as a person and the way you bring that to your business that price becomes secondary – they know that they have to have you.

Who are you?  Quirky?  Nerdy?  Creative? Do you only wear black?  Have pink hair? An obsession with detail?  No detail at all?  Schedule to the minute?  Go with the flow?  Work to the soundtrack of Led Zeppelin?  Mover and a shaker?  Feeler and connector?  Do your best work after everyone else goes to bed?  Get up before the sun?


Be authentic, be real, be brave, and watch your personal life and business thrive while you find more enjoyment in it than you ever have before.   I’m here to help you do just that.

My style of coaching helps you identify your secret sauce – that unique skill that is totally innate, one of the keys to your success, feels effortless, and because of that you often overlook it.  It’s that secret superpower that people around you look at, admire, and think “I only wish I could be like that.”  You owe it to yourself and the world around you to harness that incredible skill and bring it to your business, your brand, and your interpersonal life.  When you embrace those key strengths and gain the tools to apply them you will feel that incredible sense of operating not from who you think you should be but from who you truly are – and that is a priceless gift to yourself.  You are worth it.

My secret sauce is strategy.  I know what questions to ask to discover your big picture, break it down to small details, and then construct a plan to get from A to Z in manageable parts that takes the overwhelm out of achieving your business and communication dreams.  On a personal level I know what it is to struggle to identify and apply my own strengths instead of looking at some of them as liabilities.  On a business level I know the pressure to perform, to fit yourself in other’s boxes of what a business should look like, the need to practically make ends meet, and the unrelenting drive to realize and accomplish that purpose that you know you were put on earth to do.

Every person has a unique filter through which they view the world, a specific need from those around them, a passion that drives them, and a character strength that is innate to them.  When you identify what each of these are you can communicate with anyone effectively and with ease. The best part?  No slimy sales techniques, no leading questions, no scripts.  I got to be fully myself with all my quirks and strengths and my clients got to be the same.  In every meeting they were pulling out their wallets and ready to sign contracts before I had even finished giving them all the information.  In my feedback forms the overwhelming response on why they booked me was that they felt totally understood and completely trusted me.

I can teach you to do the same!

The Life Language Communication Profile

Everything starts from the 7 Life Languages communication profile, a 20+ page printout that shows you the intricacies of how you approach life, communicate, what motivates you, your filter, needs, learning style, distress signals, and more!  Only $45!

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Group Seminars

Interested in hosting an in person group seminar, a workshop for your team, retreat, or networking group?  Need a speaker for your event or someone to interview for your podcast or blog? Contact me!  I am located in the greater Nashville area and available to travel or Skype events!

The Life Language Communication Profile

Are you ready to fast track your communication, understanding of yourself, clients, and interpersonal relationships?  One on one training calls with me customized to your specific needs and goals, your personalized 20 page communication profile, extensive workbook with worksheets, cheat sheets, and templates, and unlimited email support.  I can’t wait to get started!

Online Classes and Webinars

Ready to dive deep in a detailed class based around your busy schedule?  Multiple course options, videos, printable worksheets, and more!



  • How to communicate powerfully and effectively
  • Identify your unique strengths and how to capitalize on them
  • Understand your automatic responses so you can harness the power of purposeful communication (Hint: It’s so much easier than you’ve experienced in the past!)
  • Amplify the weight of your voice by knowing when, how and why to use it
  • Strengthen your relationships – especially those that are the closest to you or most challenging!

In your business:

  • Transform marketing and sales copy to zero in and attract ideal clients
  • Learn how to encapsulate and communicate your brand in a way that is authentic and memorable
  • Know exactly how to close pitches and discovery calls with ease
  • Communicate effortlessly with prospects and clients – even if they are very different than you!
  • Stop wasting time and money in ineffective communication
  • Determine client’s communication style so you can speak their language which leads to stronger business relationships and higher customer satisfaction
  • Identify client’s stress and distress – and how to respond to it

I love being an entrepreneur!

I started my first successful business at age 12 making $20 an hour…and I was hooked!  To read more about my journey and business strategy check out the blog!

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